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April 30, 2019

Wood Briquettes

Wood Briquettes Supplier   

ANVO Group is the leading wood briquettes supplier in Poland. In a brief period, we have proved ourselves as a reliable company to deal with. We believe in our core values that include professionalism, business support, business loyalty, relationship responsibility, and flexible solutions.

We have a firm belief that professionalism is the foundation of trustworthiness. Also, we cannot achieve anything without proper business support and business loyalty. Similarly, we are responsible for everything we do to run our business. Our sustainable business policy is the key to success.

We provide durable solutions to our customers regarding price and product quality. Our primary products include sunflower husk pellets, wood pellets and wood briquettes.

As a prominent wood briquettes supplier, we offer briquettes that are sustainable fuel. Briquettes are used as a substitute to fossil fuels by industries and households for their environment-friendly, green durable and easy-to-handle solution. The burning impacts of briquettes ignite some concerns to briquette consumers. The characteristics of briquettes are directly linked with physical parameters in the briquetting process. The briquetting method comprises of compacting pressure, pressing temperature and moisture content.

Best Wood Briquettes Supplier       

Briquettes quality is considered as the most significant features that affect the burning of briquettes. Briquette calorific value density and humidity resistance directly impact the burning of briquettes. The positioning of briquettes might affect the airflow and subsequently influence the burning attribute. Usually, the primary purpose of pine granules or briquettes positioning is to put them in place to enjoy excellent airflow.

As a growing company, we work in accordance with the requirements specified by our customers. Due to customer satisfaction, we have established long-lasting relationships with them. We aim to provide excellent and quality products to our clients at competitive prices. We are envisioned for continuous improvement in quality, product efficiency and extending product range.

As an illustrious company in the pellet industry, ANVO Group has a long list of organizations which includes companies from Canada, the USA, Middle East, Mediterranean Countries and Europe. Our customer base is increasing with each passing day. So, if you are in search of a reliable wood briquettes supplier, we are the right choice for you.



Wood pellets are of high quality with a diameter of 6-8. It is made from dry sawdust coniferous trees. They have the best indicators of ash, moisture and calories. Meet the most stringent requirements of the modern world for this type of fuel. Absolutely clean ecological fuel. It does not contain any chemicals. They are used for heating residential and commercial premises by burning in small pellet stoves or solid fuel boilers with automatic or manual feed of the fuel mixture.


DIAMETER 6 mm (pine, spruce)
OLD 0.3-0.5%
HEAT CAPACITY 4700 kCall / kg
DENSITY 660 kg / m³
Packed in transparent plastic bags 15 kg. Bags on a pallet of 66 piece each, weighing 990 kg. Covered with stretch film

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