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April 30, 2019

Sunflower Husk Pellets

Sunflower Husk Pellets

ANVO Group is one of the leading names in the production of sunflower husk pellets. We, in a considerably short period, have become a reliable name in selling our products domestically and to exporters. The pellet industry is growing at a rapid pace, and we are thriving hard to match that pace. ANVO Group always aims to offer quality products to our customers. That is why we are one of the leading sunflower husk pellets supplier. Apart from husk pellets, we manufacture wood pellets of 6mm and 8mm and wood briquettes.

Husk pellets are extracted out of scales of sunflower nuts. These pellets are the byproduct of the process of sunflower oil extraction. Husk pellets can be found in large quantities in the factories of sunflower oil. Their value in comparison with animal food is quite low due to less content of protein.

Most of the producers of sunflower husk and sunflower granules are working in Ukraine and South Russia. Almost every sunflower husk pellets trader is thriving as the product is a biofuel. Husk pellets are used in power plants of the United Kingdom (UK) and Poland. As a biofuel, sunflower husk pellet can be used in biomass dedicated power plants together with co-firing with coal. Sunflower pellets can be used as a substitute for wood pellets. They normally have an ash content of 2-3 per cent. However, husk pellets have more enticing price.

Best Sunflower Husk Pellets Supplier

The only disadvantage of husk pellets of sunflower is the relative high dust content (more significant particle content and lower mechanical durability). Sometimes the husk pellets are turned out to be low in bulk density, which ultimately affects the transportation cost.

As a prominent sunflower husk pellets supplier, ANVO Group works as per the specific needs of the customers. We enjoy a successfully established business relationship with our clients. Since customer satisfaction is our motto, we always supply high-quality husk pellets and that too in a competitive price together with on-time delivery.

As an exporter, we are a leading name in the export industry pertaining to agro-products. We have earned a long list of clientele that resides in Mediterranean Countries, Europe, Canada, USA and the Middle East. It gives us immense satisfaction that the list of organizations is increasing day by day.

We always thank our workforce for their commendable efforts for ANVO Group. So, if you require the best sunflower husk pellets, you have landed on the right page.



Sunflower husk pellets are an environmentally friendly, economical biofuel.

The manufacture of pellets is only in the pressing of sunflower husks under high pressure, without the addition of chemical impurities. The lowest cost compared to other types of biofuels.

Packing – big run can be as usual, and with the bottom valve for easy unloading. Shipment in bulk in wagon lots is also possible.


Diameter: 8mm

Humidity: max 10%

Ash content: max 3%

Heat value: up to 20 MJ / kg

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