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Pine Granules

Pine Granules Supplier

ANVO Group is one of the leading names as a pine granules supplier in Poland. We sell our products to entire Europe according to European quality standards. We manufacture our products which are made up of materials that are environment-friendly. We also refrain ourselves to use any impurities in our products. Our primary products include wood pellets, wood briquettes and sunflower husk pellets.

In many positions, we perform as an official representative of the manufacturer. Therefore we always offer a competitive price for our customers. Furthermore, because of the absence of intermediaries, we are able for the Quality Control (QC) of products directly, during the production of the goods.

In a brief time, we have managed to acquire rich experience to cater to the needs of local and international clients. As a leading pine granules supplier, we have long list of organizations that regularly buy our products. The companies reside in Canada, USA, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Mediterranean Countries. We are satisfied that we are able to increase our clientele due to delivery of quality products.

Pine Granules Supplier and Manufacturer

Pine pollen alongside wood granules is the most vigorous supplement form and contain amazing health-related benefits. Most pine species include both male and female sexual organs in a single plant. Raw pine is the dusty pine granules which produce male cones out of pine trees.

The male cones in a pine tree are only present during the spring season. After pollination process, the catkins fall from the trees and split to enrich the soil’s base. Wind pollinates pines. Because of the structure of individual granules, pine pollen can travel long distance as it flies well.

Pine tree’s pollination dispenses the tiny pollen granules over multiple miles of a specific territory. Pollen contains compounds which are essential as nutrients for several creatures, soil and plants. Pine pollen also has phytosterol constituents which are believed to encourage reproduction in a few animals.

As a significant pellets supplier, we believe in professionalism, business loyalty and relationship. Also we provide flexible solutions concerning our products to our customers. So, if you require a reliable pine granules supplier, you are reading the right webpage.



Wood pellets are of high quality with a diameter of 6-8. It is made from dry sawdust coniferous trees. They have the best indicators of ash, moisture and calories. Meet the most stringent requirements of the modern world for this type of fuel. Absolutely clean ecological fuel. It does not contain any chemicals. They are used for heating residential and commercial premises by burning in small pellet stoves or solid fuel boilers with automatic or manual feed of the fuel mixture.


DIAMETER 8 mm (pine, spruce)

OLD 1.0 – 1.5 %


HEAT CAPACITY 4600 kCall / kg

DENSITY 660 kg / m³

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