In a very short period of time the company managed to acquire rich and dependable experience domestic market by selling products to Exporters. Our Company started by distributing product to valuable customers. Our products are having high demand in the country. Our company with renowned overseas companies is interested to expand business volume. We are exporting &supplying in to our valuable customers. Pellet product is produced with top quality materials. The pellet Industry is one of the most competitive industries as hundreds of dealers and vendors deal in these products today. The demand of these products would never decrease and therein, to match up with the demands from all over the world. We are backed with outstanding facilities. Above all of these, we are providing it at reasonable rates. ANV.O - GROUP aims to reach perfection using this elements and values by accepted feedbacks from our customers and related parties. We recognize our duties and accept our responsibilities for ensuring the continued safety quality ofour products. Sustainability and traceability are highly important for our manufacturing flow. Our Company's team believes that shaping our future to be excellent by assuming safety and quality managements, making a point of to reach this success. ANV.O - GROUP always aims continuous improvement of their production quality, production efficiency and product range. All products marked by our company guarantees quality and safety. The Company is fully aware of its responsibility for supplying products to customers from production line till the consumer’s chain’s last point.


As a leading name in the agro-product export industry, we have a long clientele that includes organizations from Europe, Mediterranean Countries, Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada etc. We are happy to state that the list of happy clients of is augmenting day by day


Our business is related to the industry of energy products, and we are specifically engaged in wood briquettes, wood pellets and sunflower husk pellets. Below you will find details about our products. Thank you for taking the time to view our business profile


We are selling products to Europe, and accordingly we keep quality standards. That is, we sell products that we select according to European standards. Our products are made only from environmentally friendly materials and do not contain any impurities. In most positions, we are the official representative of the manufacturer, so we offer the best prices on the market. Moreover, due to the absence of intermediaries, we are able to control the quality of products directly during the production of goods.